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            Politics of Exxon Mobil Corporation: It’s Response to Global Climate Change

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Politics of Exxon Mobil Corporation: It’s Response To Global Climate Change

  Is the presence of Exxon Mobil Corporation in the world market reflective of the analysis that corporations may dominate the state? Could it be considered as a dominant form of social organization? It is normal for a corporation to do everything for the purpose of surviving in this fast-paced world? This questions was examined by professional writers under the framework of mba application essay.  A certain corporation must ride on with the political dynamics so that the estimated profits to be earned will be reached in due time. The inability of a corporation to enhance its resources and manpower to face myriad problems will make its development slow and unpredictable changes will emerge. In this paper writing essay service, raised the subject of interest Exxon Mobil Corporation’s politics and its response to climate change. In relation to the theories of Karl Marx, the topic will be discussed in a most simple way yet very informative and intriguing as it will tackle sensitive issues in the society relating to environmental problems. The role of the government to curb environmental degradation will be touched as it has something to do with the regulation of the activities of the said company. Politics of Exxon Mobil Corporation: It’s Response to Global Climate Change. When Karl Marx included in his writings entitled “Communist Manifesto” that production was no longer monopolized and that manufacturing system  took its place, we know that Exxon Mobil Corporation is a reflection of it (Marx, 1994, p.160). Indeed, it is true that production was no longer monopolized by a few elite. That particular business activity is already widespread tremendously up to this time. Marx brilliantly predicted that as the market kept on growing, the demand also raised in the highest level (Marx, 1994 160). He perfectly knows that it will eventually happen The statement is correct as evidenced by the increasing need of more supply of basic commodities as the population increased. So then, the world market was established (Marx, 1994, p. 160). Editing an essay based on Karl Marx work and performed by money essay service. The rise of demands for the supply of basic commodities made corporations to brace themselves to participate in the interplay of political power. In relation to that, there were many questions on the topic concerning potential concentration of political power  within and among corporations around the world. We know for a fact that Exxon Mobil is present world wide. Thus, it is suggested  that we will incorporate what the political sociology scholars Berle and Means  concluded that the rise of the modern corporation has brought a concentration of economic power which can compete on equal terms with the modern state wherein its own interests are concerned, and it even attempts to dominate the state (Mizruchi, 2004, p. 603). In order for the corporations to increase their production, they needed to lobby with the government by all means so that their objectives will be materialized.  Besides, Mizruchi opined that the future may witness the economic organism, now typified by the corporation, not only as an equal plane with the state, but probably even overpowering or dominating it as the dominant form of social organization (Mizruchi, 2004, p. 603). For example, the Exxon Mobil Corporation will lobby with the government to not disclose its tremendous operation activities that greatly affects the environment such as climate change or global warming. Due to the huge amount of money from revenues of Exxon Mobil Corporation, the government is inclined to agree to its request. But, before any further discussion, it is but proper to give a general company profile of Exxon Mobil Corporation. Exxon Mobil and it is one of the world’s largest oil companies (Exxon’s Climate Footprint). In different countries, Exxon is also known as Esso, Mobil, Imperial Oil, and Tonen. Looking back in the past, the company had profits amounting to eleven (11) billion dollars in the year 2002 (Exxon’s Climate Footprint). Exxon is planning to spend one hundred (100) billion dollars in the year 2010 for the purpose of looking for new oil and gas (Exxon’s Climate Footprint). For a thought, Exxonactually produces more than four million barrels of oil everyday. It is known then, that the said company produces a large quantity of oil daily. Reuters also presented a description of the company down from its very beginning up to the latest events. Reuters mentioned that Exxon Mobil Corporation or Exxon Mobil was incorporated in the year 1882 (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). Its divisions and affiliates is basically involved with production and exploration of natural gas and crude oil (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). Aside from that, its divisions and affiliates are engaged in manufacture of petroleum products, the transportation and production of crude oil as well as its sale (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM).  Reuters is aware that Exxon Mobil is a manufacturer and producer of commodity petrochemicals in a sense that it was exposed in the market all over the most busy places in the world. These products actually include olefins, aromatics, and polyethylene and polypropylene plastics and a range of specialty products, which are common in United States market (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). The said products are sold all over the world as the company is the largest supplier of the said products. No wonder it was referred to as the “oil giant”. In essence, the company is also interested in electric power generation facilities as a business endeavour that is why its affiliates conducted so many researches about the move (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). Besides, there are three facets of operation in the company, and these are upstream, downstream and chemical. The services is too broad, yet the company managed to widen its capacity to provide services in return of huge profits. This time, we will tackle about the movement of the company within the United States. Reuters reported that the total acreage of Exxon Mobile is 10.7 million net acres as of December 31, 2007 (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). With that, 2.1 million net acres were offshore (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). Reuters added that Exxon mobile was active in offshore mostly in the lower 48 states and in Alaska as well as onshore areas. There was a net exploration and development wells for about 459.7 that were finished in the inland lower 48 states in the year 2007 (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). In the same year, there were four net exploration and development was completed offshore in the Pacific (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). In relation to that, in the Piceance Basin of Colorado, tight gas development was continued as well as in the Barnett Shale in Texas (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). Since the participation of Alaska, there was a total of 16.7 net development wells being drilled as the production and development move was continued. This report from Reuters is telling us that Exxon Mobil is aiming a continual development through the modern years. It is not surprising then, that on Alaska’s North Slope, there was an activity that was continued and that was Western Region Development Project, that was known primarily as Orion field (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). In that work, there was an inclusion of development drilling and engineering design. In the Gulf of Mexico, there is a total net acreage of two million acres in the year 2007 (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). That was a huge business venture. Aside from that, there was a total of 6.2 net exploration and development wells were finished in the year 2007 (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). In addition to that report, Reuters said that the Golden Pass LNG degasification terminal is still constructed in Texas. Moreover, a report of the Federal Trade Commission commented that the presence of the petroleum industry is very important in economic development (Market Forces, Anticompetitive Activity and Gasoline Prices). Constant changes in prices of petroleum directly affects consumers as a result (Politics of Exxon Mobil Corporation: It’s Response To Global Climate Change). Hadis practically touched the basic theories posed by Karl Marx relating to social change. He made mention that; production is the essence of social change (Sociology and Social Change). This statement is also correct in the sense that the influx of surplus materials means that there is progress in the society. It may be wrong to say that words, if in case the government is not able to look for dumping grounds of any surplus products. Production meant the procurement of basic necessities in life like food, clothing and shelter. It will also include necessities like transportation and electricity that runs business transactions and household activities. Exxon Mobil Corporation manufactured or produced energy resources like oil and petroleum products to meet the transportation and energy needs of the public in general.  There was an introduction to the class analysis approach which is related to the study on social change in terms of relation to production. The said class analysis approach basically touches the issue on social standing wherein the society is classified as upper class, middle class and lower class or the masses. In addition to that, it has been stated by Hadis that the theory of Karl Marx concerning social change in relation to production is applicable globally (Sociology and Social Change). Globalization has always been a good prediction of the world tomorrow. In other words, even this time productive decisions are inevitably now made on global scale. All issues that has something to do with production of goods, commodities and services need not to be confined in the country but necessarily reached outside sphere. Other countries are also involved in the process of production since we are exposed to the ideas of export and import of goods, commodities and services. Thus, the predictions and socio-political thought of Karl Marx is right when he said that as the market is growing, the demand is also ever rising (Marx, 1994, p. 160). Moreover, Omvedt also tackled on some of the theories of Karl Marx. Omvedt stated in his work “Marx and Globalization” that, capitalism contributed by Karl Marx meant not simply exploitation but specifically the fast advancement of the forces of production, the overturning of past ways and means and the heightening integration of the world which has been the basis of socialism (Sociology and Social Change). We have to note that exploitation is the twin of globalization. The government may allow investors from other countries into the political process in order to gain possible increase of revenue. It may even reflect some personal interests. On the other hand, other countries may accept investors in their own locality in order to give more jobs to its constituents. Little did they know that these jobs reflect cheap wages and salaries, thereby exploiting the masses.  In connection with that, the society changes in accordance with the choice to discard old ways of life. But this choices is unfair for them but still they hold on to it in order to survive. When we speak of politics, we are talking about the processes by which a society formulates and expresses its will before the public officers for the latter to cater the needs of the people in general. Practically, it includes the processes by which the Exxon Mobil formulates and expresses its will to the government in order to meet its needs in the business world. Lobbying is one of the best way in which Exxon Mobil Corporation can catch the attention of the government in which they can air their suggestions and decision-making techniques. The said company needs to adapt to the fast and rapid changes in the society. With respect to the huge necessity of production of oil, there are consequences to take into consideration before something has to be done. The increasing demand of the production of oil would mean environmental damage and degradation of which Exxon Mobil has to consider. There is nothing wrong when globalization will occur as long as the people concerned are able to see to it that sustainable development remains a top priority. Thus, it is humbly and respectfully submitted that Exxon Mobil Corporation must see to it that sustainable development is met whenever there are attempts to arrive in its maximum production of oil. There should also be ways and means to protect the environment in every move to enter into globalization race of the present time. It has been said that Exxon Mobil Corporation is the world’s largest oil production company (Mufson, 2007, p. 1). There was an issue that the said company denied the existence of climate change or global warming in the earth nowadays. The vice president of the company, Cohen said that they did not deny the existence of global warming and that global ecosystem is presenting signs of climate change including the polar areas (Mufson, 2007, p. 1). With that, Cohen suggested that, instead of discussing about the problem and who should be blamed, it is better to find solutions of the same on what we should be doing about it (Mufson, 2007, p. 1). Furthermore, the major issue take time to emerge after the disclosure last year that Exxon Mobil is no longer funding a Washington think tank critical of global warming actions (Mufson, 2007, p. 1). The implication of the said event was that the role of the oil giant in congressional efforts relating to control greenhouse gas emissions lessened. Besides, many people especially those environmental advocates are saying that the company’s position with respect to global warming issue changed into the other way around. Meaning, from a very active participation in fighting against global warming, the company suddenly   no longer supports any move with that respect. Mufson pointed out that Cohen stated in an interview that with Congress’ sights set on greenhouse gases, the oil giant intends to be a participant of the said discussion (Mufson, 2007, p. 1). The company had reportedly met with policymakers to lay out first principles utilizing market forces, not touching winners and weighing warming risks against the costs of action in the absence of endorsing any specific measure. Mufson quoted the words of Cohen stating that an endorsement from Exxon Mobil would probably be death to any legislative proposal (Mufson, 2007, p. 1). A very alarming fact was that, the carbon dioxide emitted by the end users of all of the company’s products is greater than the emissions of all but five countries (Mufson, 2007, p. 1). There have been doubts as to the words of the company’s representatives due to some facts that could debunk its position in the issue on global warming. It is not denied that we need oil since it is part of the social change and process of globalization that we experienced, yet, we should be? reminded that there should be no damage done into our ecosystem. The government must see to it that the said reality must be a priority, otherwise there will be no hope for the future. Exxon Mobil was known for its denial as to the issue on global warming. Mufson gave these three alarming facts. First, It discreetly opposed the Kyoto climate change treaty (Mufson, 2007, p. 1). Second, in the year 2001, it pressed the Bush administration to relocate an outspoken scientist from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Mufson, 2007, p. 1). Third, in the year 2005, a White House public official accused of changing scientific reports to give more doubts as to the global warming issue went to work for the company (Mufson, 2007, p. 1). And fourth, the company was also suspected of giving financial contribution to groups as role players in sowing doubts concerning climate change (Mufson, 2007, p. 1). These facts could tell us that in the midst of politically and socially-related undertakings of Exxon Mobil Corporation, there are underlying effects into the environment. It was Senators John Rockefeller IV and Olympia Snowe who demanded Exxon Mobil a halt on the funding of researches that are done to cast doubts as to the truth about global warming (Snowe, 2006, p. 1). Basically, the request was to stop funding of a climate change denial campaign. Snowe practically expressed her position that global warming is a very important and serious environmental and economic issue in the world bandit should be treated with diligence and honesty (“Snowe, 2006, p. 1). Snowe said that it is not proper for any private or governmental entity to attempt to influence the government’s participation in such a relevant debate in any way that is not actually accurate and honest (Snowe, 2006, p. 1). Snowe also reported that Exxon Mobil is virtually supporting institutions that produced very questionable data relating to climate change (Snowe, 2006, p. 1). In fact, the support given by the oil giant to small but influential entities damaged the reputation of the United States as the leading source of accurate and honest data with respect to global warming. It is not denied that the company raked so many profits in the present time and it is but proper to cast the responsibility to them to help taking care of the environment. It should extend its efforts to coordinate with the Congress to discuss matters in finding solutions to the worldwide problem of climate change. In that way, the country can continue in its participation in debates concerning climate change issues and eventually can contribute relevant suggestions to solve the problem. At this time, the side of the company must be tackled so that there will be a balance in the analysis. Exxon Mobil is aware that the government, company shareholders, oil customers as well as  the public at large are very much interested in the issues with respect to supply and cost of energy and the effects of energy use on the environment (A Report on Energy Trends, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Alternative Energy). It is also aware that access to reliable, environmentally safe and affordable energy is vital to the economic progress and quality of life of the people worldwide (A Report on Energy Trends, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Alternative Energy). With that, Exxon Mobil reported that the company recognizes that albeit scientific evidence remains not conclusive, the potential impacts of greenhouse gas emissions on the ecosystem affecting society may prove to be relevant (A Report on Energy Trends, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Alternative Energy). The company has long been worked with the scientific and business communities to conduct research to make economically competitive and affordable future options to reduce or lessen long-term global emissions (A Report on Energy Trends, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Alternative Energy). Exxon Mobil is also active in its participation in voluntary programs that address greenhouse gas emissions, and they are continuously working with governments and business groups to prepare for binding regulations in places that it was being developed (A Report on Energy Trends, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Alternative Energy). In addition to that, it is the intention of the company to comply with the most cost-effective manner with whatever regulations and mandates in whatever sources (A Report on Energy Trends, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Alternative? Energy). These are promises and statements of the company that should be reflected by those who wants to know the real situation worldwide.Conclusion It is not only corporations that should cope up to the fast changing time, it will also include individuals themselves. As the basic needs of man like food, clothing and shelter is a priority, so as the safety of the environment. We live in a world that is so fragile and it is our responsibility to take care of it to the best of our ability. In order to cope up with globalization, Exxon Mobil Corporation is bound to do everything just to maintain its status in the world as the oil giant. It is not surprising that the corporation will utilize up-to-date and even questionable techniques just to cope up with time, that is to triple its energy production and supply for its customers all over the world. However, we are not also bound to remain silent in bringing important issues that has something to do with the policies and activities conducted by Exxon Mobil in relation to environmental concerns. The society is always in demand of more sophisticated supply of energy resources. Exxon Mobil took advantage of this need and developed more researches just to produce new and innovative products under its name. However, the effects of these activities greatly affects the environment as greenhouse gas emissions is the result. The said problem resulted to global warming or climate change that reverts back to the people in the society. The people would suffer these long-term effects of oil production in this present times. Moreover, the government is trying hard to solve this problem. However, there are factors that affects the intervention of the government. First, the massive lobbying and pressure of the representatives of Exxon Mobil are sometimes entertained by government officials by reason of the huge revenues that are taken from the huge oil company. Aside from that, there are also government officials who will entertain lobbying of the company just to gain something in return for personal profits. Therefore, massive production of oil or other energy resources is done by Exxon Mobil in order to cope up with globalization to the disadvantage and detriment of the environment. As such, we could wonder how we can afford to embrace social changes that will greatly affect the world that we consider as our home. Now, we are aware of climate change as one of the most destructive phenomena in the whole world. We know that it is the responsibility of Exxon Mobil to make sure that its giant business operation will not greatly contribute to climate change. Yet, are we aware that there are more unfortunate people that will be affected by the problem? Not all countries are rich. Some countries are experiencing extreme poverty wherein the society is seen as unequally divided. There is a great disparity between the rich and the poor. So then, will the poor people be given share of the profits taken from oil production? Of course not, and the worst thing is that, they will be the first group of people who could be affected of climate change since they do not have direct access to important information in order to prepare for global warming. With all the things we know, we can say that Exxon Mobil is a contributor to the environmental problems that we experienced. It is because of the vast production of oil and other energy resources that it maintains. However, we know that it is the responsibility of the company to develop self-regulation methods to lessen climate change or global warming. We may say that Exxon Mobil can prevent the said problem, but since it is already evident nowadays, all we need is to make sure that the company is aware of such effects in the environment as they expanded their operation over time. The Exxon Mobil Corporation is considered as modern corporation although it was incorporated in the year 1882 (Exxon Mobil Corp XOM). As a modern corporation, the concentration of its economic power also brought competition on equal terms with the modern state. The ability of the corporation to lobby the government for possible protection in its business from the questions on global warning, labour issues and other concerns, proves that it has the ability to wield its vast political power. At times, if we understood the preceding paragraphs, we can say that the corporation even tried to overpower or dominate the state by means of using money in return of any political favour. In the first page of this paper, there were questions that stimulated our minds in analyzing the real score of the presence of the “oil giant” Exxon Mobil Corporation. Yes, the presence of Exxon Mobil Corporation in the world market is reflective of the analysis that corporations may dominate the state. The corporation is also considered as a dominant form of social organization since it has all the resources it need in order to wield concentration of economic and political power. Finally, the role of the government to solve the problem is great. It must be sensitive enough pertaining to all aspect of development so that it can cater the needs of its constituents. It must vigorously coordinate with the Exxon Mobil company in order to solve the existence of global warming. It should not allow giant oil companies to destroy the environment. The said effort is anyway for the benefit of all people. The truth is, when global warming will hit the world we live; no one can successfully escape its destruction. Eventually, we will realize that it’s not the carelessness of the government or the greed of some wealthy people, but the inability of each one of us to unite and solve the problem. We must see to it that each one of us is prepared to face the future when we know that climate change is already threatening us.   ReferencesExxon Mobil. (2004, February). A Report on Energy Trends, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Alternative Energy. Retrieved April 28, 2008, from http://www.exxonmobil.com.Federal Trade Commission. (2004, July 7). Market Forces, Anticompetitive Activity, and Gasoline                    Prices. Retrieved April 28, 2008, from http://www.ftc.gov/os/2004/07/040707gaspricetesti- mony.pdf.Friends of the Earth International. (2004, January). 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