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The Olive Branch Petition: A Critical Analysis

This paper is an essay consumption on The Olive Branch petition written by the best essay writing service. The Olive Branch petition was drafted by John Dickenson and was adopted by the Second Continental Congress for the purpose of asserting the rights of the colonists before King George. The attempt to assert the rights of the colonists include the pledge to maintain loyalty to the British Crown (“The Olive Branch” 1). The first part of the petition mentioned the authority of the faithful subjects of the colony before the gracious attention of the King involving New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina before the gracious attention of the King (“The Olive Branch” 1). Then, under the framework of the mba application essay the benefits of the petition mentioned was carefully considered. Having been under the colony of Great Britain invoking the assurance of its permanence and increase in a given time. The recognition that Great Britain has risen to become the most powerful country with sovereign powers at that time is also stated. However, it is clear that the petition is giving information of the existence of civil dissension which might prevent the connection between the colonists and Great Britain. In addition, customer service essay concluded, that the colonists invoked the right to share in the blessings of peace and emoluments of victory and conquest (“The Olive Branch”1). The reason behind the request to share recognition is the apparent unfair and unacceptable new system organized by the colonies which is disadvantageous to the colonists. The petition was also a venue to divulge the hostile activities of the ministers of the Majesty which includes delusive pretences, fruitless terrors, and unavailing severities (“The Olive Branch” 1). Hence, it was pointed out that the colonists used all the means within its power to prevent any attempt to exercise power that is not compatible with the safety of the people. The petition was ended with a respectful promise that despite the cruelty of the King’s ministers, a constant loyalty to the Majesty would be given. Thus, an honorable and noble governance of its descendants was prayed for before King George by the colonists.      In connection, it is also clear that the Second Continental Congress adopted a humble yet strong tone in writing the petition. The petition is obviously seeking justice before the King on account of the dreadful conditions of the colonists. Besides, the petition was not intended to stage a war, but to demand in a humble manner careful consideration by the King pertaining to the social and political condition of its loyal and respectful subjects. Apparently, it was done in a manner that King George would realize how impolitic the plans and activities of its assigned ministers to govern the colonists. The representatives of the Second Continental Congress was expecting for King George to draw attention to the cruelty of its ministers by abusing the confidence and authority given to them to govern the said colonists. Hence, the impending calamities against the colonists due to the abuse of power by the Majesty’s ministers were finally laid down. Finally, the people who are in favor of gaining independence felt relieved during the time when the olive branch petition reached the hands of King George. The institution of their much-awaited time to gain independence through civil dissentions and war was made through the petition which entails declaration of unfair political practices by the ministers of King George. Thus, the American War of Independence followed when King George disregarded the olive branch petition.   

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