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Many scholars face the same issue during their writing of academic papers, and namely, how to choose a college essay topic. This question is critical because correctly chosen theme is already a halfway to successful performance. In case if query how to find a college essay topic occurred, you must push off from following aspects: 1) Knowledge of the course, at which you were assigned this task (answer questions: What basic problems the examined theme is related to? What do I need to know, to expose it?); 2) Understanding of the meaning of your topic (if in the base of your topic lies someone’s quote or thesis, ask yourself: What in my opinion, the author wanted to say?); 3) Presence of personal opinion regarding the subject (answer questions: Do I agree with the main thesis of the essay? Is my position strong or I still have doubts? Why?); 4) Knowledge of general scientific terminology that will be required for the literate, based on theoretical knowledge discussion of theme, along with that, terms and concepts that you plan to use must correspond with the theme of essay (answer questions: What well-known to me concepts and terminology I may need? What theoretical generalizations I have to take into account?); 5) Ability to give examples from the course of history, public life, own vital experience in support of your position (What facts can be used to prove my opinion? Are they convincing enough?)

How to pick a college essay topic and don’t make a mistake

It often happens, that when students try to decide how to write an argumentative essay for college, they tend to choose the easiest (in their opinion) topic, but later these themes appear to be difficult and many scholars fail their attempts to disclose the theme. This happens mainly because of the lack of students’ personal knowledge and a limited number of scientific and factual data resources on this issue. Writing papers for subjects like Philosophy or Social psychology can be difficult enough although exactly these themes are often chosen by students. This happens due to wrong belief that such subjects don’t require deep knowledge and that there’s no need to put many efforts to succeed in writing essays on such topics. In such cases, their essays look more like simple definition of the meaning of the topic and usually such works don’t receive good grades due to the lack of arguments, facts and wrong understanding of how to structure a college essay. Consequently, the only student with deep knowledge and high level of self-study can write a paper on these topics and make it good enough.

What to pay attention to when choosing a topic for an essay

When you are selecting your topic, it is necessary to pay attention first of all to the subject or course where you were assigned such task. Practice shows that the same theme can be applied to several sciences at the same time. If you don’t need to write this work for a certain subject, you can concentrate on those sciences that you like the most, i.e. more interesting for you, or in which your level of knowledge is higher.


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