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Essays recently settled in our modern education and life so firmly that it became almost the main component of educational system. Such assignment is multipurpose and can be met in different educational institutions, during college or job application process, at various contests, exams, etc. Knowing what it is and how to write such work is a Must for every modern student who wants to be successful in his studies and future career. What can be more important for any assignment, than knowledge of basic rules and requirements?! So no matter if you need to learn how to start a college essay about yourself, how to write a college entrance essay, or anything else, this article is aimed to give you starting point and solid base of how it should be done. Essay is a short story focused on specific topic; usually such paper consists of these blocks: introduction, main body and conclusion. Students need to format their paper according to this structure, but apart from that, there are no other rules. So you will have a little of space for self-expression. Now, we will look separately at each of these blocks to learn how to structure a college essay:


Introduction is the first thing that readers see, therefore it aims to catch their interest and encourage them to continue reading. A good beginning of your essay should be just a few sentences long and it’s better if it will include some catchy phrase that will attract readers’ attention. Your introduction should include brief description of the issue, example from life, quotes of famous people or any other thoughts related to your topic, and final part of the beginning of your paper is the main thesis of the work.

Main body

The main part of such work just gradually proves your position, which was stated in the opening clause. It’s better to divide this part into few smaller subparagraphs instead of making it a plain text. This way you will show your ability to structure your thoughts correctly. In this paper you are free to include different types of data. Students are allowed to used statistics, quotes, facts, example from literature, history or life, and anything else that can prove your point of view.


In your last paragraph you need to summarize all data and facts presented in your essay and state a logical conclusion. It should correspond with your main thesis and highlight that you were providing strong arguments. It’s not obligatory, but here you can once again list arguments provided in the primary block of your paper. As you can see, essay writing doesn’t have many requirements regarding format and structure of the text. The most important thing in writing an essay is to present your point of view and express your personal thoughts regarding a specific issue. Of course, it will be only a plus if you will follow general structure rules, because correct structuring makes any paper much easier to read.    


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