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1) Follow the proper essay structure

Right after you received your assignment, the first step you should take is defining the kind of essay and complete an outline, which you’ll use to write your paper. After this is done, continue straightly according to the points: title – introduction – several paragraphs of the main part – conclusion. Be sure to follow this structure of the essay. Otherwise, your work will not be evaluated well.

 2) Use drafts

How to be successful in college essay? The answer is simple – write drafts. Since usually teachers don’t give students a lot of time on of time on implementation of essays, writing a draft is a must. If the time frames are too tough, we advise outlining the ideas and arguments regarding the topic of your paper in a form of short theses just after you found out about the task and its theme. It will allow not to forget important ideas while writing a final version.

3) Be prepared for any topic

To know how to write a successful college essay you have to be well prepared for anything, so consider reading books and short stories on different topics for inspiration. It will help you to widen an outlook, learn new things, even new words, and phrases that you will be able to use in your writing works.

 4)  Leave time for proofreading

As a rule, those people who proofread their works are eventually making certain changes in it, so it’s a great opportunity to improve your paper by fixing mistakes that you didn’t notice before. It will show everyone that you really know how to success in college essay.

5) Define proper style

Find out to what style of writing is the most suitable; must it be informal, semiformal or formal. Maybe it is not appropriate to use slang and reductions of words, for example, instead of “can’t” you should better use “can not”, instead of “wanna” – “want to” and so on. If the question how to start a narrative essay for college stuck in your head and bothers you, consider thinking about the point mentioned above.

6) Be concise

The essay is a short written work. So to define for yourself how to write a good college essay you have to remember that being concise and brief are two essential things of essay writing! Some students write long papers and think that the method of “the more, the better” may work in this case. Alas, teachers not only will not increase but will definitely lower your grade because you failed to follow the required volume.

7) Prove your statements

Every written idea shouldn’t sound groundless; support it with arguments, bright example and statistical data.

8) Express your thoughts correctly

The essay is a written expression of your thoughts on a particular subject, and they must be expressed correctly so that reader won’t find it unclear. Also, try to avoid themes that can offense someone (like politics or religion), in this case, it is better to stick to the formal tone, and your teacher will agree that you know how to succeed in college essay.


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